Our History

In 1972 Robert Bender began in Los Angeles, California managing a modest sum of money entrusted to him by a small group of friends and family. He knew his new clients were seeking growth stocks, but he also understood that the money represented family nest eggs that had been carefully saved and nurtured over years and would be the foundation for future security. What was the most effective way to achieve exceptional growth while minimizing risk of capital loss? Robert Bender & Associates was thus founded. 

In order to succeed, he developed a quantifiable, repeatable, documented process to help identify high quality publicly traded companies that he believed had the greatest probability of growing faster than the general economy over long periods of time.  The result of his work was a process which became the foundation of the Robert Bender & Associates' proprietary screening process used today.  

In the ensuing years, Robert, and later together with Reed, would grow the firm to manage over $140 million proving the Bender Model’s effectiveness. Between 1972 and today the firm’s growing number of clients have owned equity positions in companies which proved to be highly lucrative, powering client wealth. Over this same period of time, equity markets experienced pullbacks, corrections, booms and crashes and companies experienced all varieties of successes and challenges in ever-changing economic environments providing valuable experience and meaningful lessons.  Whenever possible, the Bender Model was carefully and thoughtfully modified to incorporate lessons learned and make it even more effective in identifying companies that may experience sustainable long term growth stocks.