Our Distinction

Robert Bender & Associates has built a long, proven track record of successfully achieving capital appreciation well in excess of economic and general market growth by following a disciplined approach to investing.  This track record of success is a direct result of the fundamental analysis which we perform prior to initiating a position in a company.  After we decide to add a stock to a portfolio we will continually monitor it for fundamental changes to our assumptions and expectations.  A deep understanding of each of our client holdings is at the core of what distinguishes our firm from most others.  

Proprietary Screening Process

The result of our proprietary equities screening process is individual, multi-family and institutional portfolios comprised of high-quality, small to large cap growth companies which have proven to outperform over time.  

Low Turnover Rate

Bought with the long-term in mind, holdings generally stay in client portfolios for years (our Growth Strategy turnover rate is typically less than 20% per year).  

Tax Efficient

This strategy is deployed to minimize tax liabilities and transaction costs while capturing outstanding capital appreciation.

Accessibility to Portfolio Managers

Robert Bender & Associates further distinguishes itself by being high-touch asset managers.  We never forget the purpose of all our endeavors – to help our clients meet their financial goals.  An important part of this process is making portfolio managers available to speak with clients at any time.  

Clients Retain Assets

Importantly, we do not have custody of client money at any time.  Instead, clients select a broker/dealer to hold their equities and specifically dictate limited authorization to Robert Bender & Associates for functions such as directing trades and assisting with client deposits/withdrawals and miscellaneous account maintenance.  Robert Bender & Associates, as your investment adviser, does not recommend specific brokerage arrangements, however, we do have experience with multiple brokers and can discuss benefits for those with whom we are familiar.  We will endeavor to establish a partnered relationship with any broker the client dictates, however, it should be noted that it is not a guarantee that such a relationship will automatically be accepted by every broker.  In addition, Robert Bender & Associates works with several Solicitors.  Solicitors are client referral resources and Robert Bender & Associates has a fee-sharing arrangement with each Solicitor.  That fee-sharing arrangement has no effect financially or administratively to the client.  Our fiduciary responsibility to our clients is our number one priority.