Investment Experience

If investment experience is defined as the accumulation of investment knowledge or skill that results from direct participation in market events or investment activities, then it can be said that Robert Bender & Associates has spent the past forty plus years gaining invaluable investment experience.

Founded in 1972 in the midst of a challenging bear market in U.S. equities, the firm has successfully navigated client portfolios through numerous market pullbacks, corrections, booms and crashes from that date through today, while continuously remaining steadfastly focused on delivering exceptional capital appreciation.  The lessons learned are innumerable, and the most important of them have been carefully and thoughtfully incorporated into the Bender Model, our proprietary analysis and screening process used to guide our asset management activities.  

Since our founding, Robert Bender & Associates has delivered solid performance to our clients by early participation in companies which experienced exceptional growth over long periods of time. 

Looking forward, our challenge is to continue identifying and acquiring interest in high-quality, high sustainable growth companies which will provide returns as worthwhile for our clients as the ones listed above.  We believe strongly that we have such holdings in client portfolios today.  It is today’s holdings which will continue to propel the value of client portfolios to higher levels tomorrow.